POW Alpha GTX Glove Review

As I promised, no reviews would be made unless it was something worth reviewing!

I will be amending this review in 14 days time, as I’ll have at least 7 days on the gloves in Queenstown, between -5 and +5 celcius. So we can see how they initially stand up in the weather. This is just first impressions, etc.

I was on the quest for, in my opinion, the glove of gloves. Not too big, with Gore-Tex and preferably leather and some sort of quality lining.

After being shot in the direction of the POW Sniper, I got talking to a POW Rep about their new 2013 line and found myself with a pair of POW Alpha GTX Glove’s – which aren’t even released yet =D Their technical info can be found here.

First Impression?

Awesome! When you grab them you feel like you’re picking up a nice Leather boot from Bally, perhaps too nice to plow through the snow and ice, but at the same time you know they’re built tough even if they feel squishy.

That question you ask yourself when you get something extra special; like a new Desmo or Panigale from Ducati, do I take it and hammer it as hard as I can, or do I respect what it can do and ride it casually? You know what you should do, and you know what you will do – its just that naughty, guilty feeling you get when you know you’re going to take something lovely and put it through hell. In short, can’t wait to see how they fair in sub zero! (Will report back in 2-3 weeks after I get 14 days plus on them)


The POW Leather is soft, I can’t stress that enough, it feels like it came from a baby lamb as opposed to a veteran bull.

Now, since all I have is marketing material, it doesn’t say where anything actually came from, but again, if you refer to their product release statement it says the Leather is a combination of Goat and Oiltac Dragon by Pittards. It will require treating though, so anyone lazy shouldn’t really bother with a leather glove anyway. I’ve heard everything from waxing once every 1-2 days, all the way up to once a season. Probably the best advice was ‘when they’re dry’. I’ll follow that haha.

Since they’re Black, any darkening of the leather from waxing or water and snow will be near invisible – in the words of a wise rep: ‘[You’ll]be the first person on the slopes to have a dark black!’ … I laughed anyway LOL.

Fit & Lining

In terms of fit, its perfect. When you tighten up the Velcro they feel pretty well snow-tight. Personally, I do have some concern that it mightn’t be a tight seal, but thats more to the fact this is my first pair of non-gauntlet gloves, and the lack of some extra material gives me concern.

They’re lined with Gore-Tex inserts and Primaloft insulation, however, it was mentioned that the liners for these would be NZ Merino Wool – its actually a micro-fleece. Now, whether or not the Merino is buried in a layer between the insulation and fleece I’m not sure, not prepared to cut the gloves open for a look either! But, just so you know, it doesn’t look like the Merino made it into them.

It is worth noting they’re insanely warm. My reason for seeking out these gloves was because I hate Mitts and have terrible circulation in my arms/hands/fingers. Even dry on a 0-10 degree (celcius) day my fingers could turn water to ice. I’m truly confident these should do the job in keeping them warm! We’ll find out anyway when I hit Queenstown, New Zealand for a 1 week trip from the 28th June! Should be a great break-in!

YKK Zipper and Wrist Leash

Well, the Leash is straight forward. Its a leash. Loop it to the glove and around your wrist and you shouldn’t really lose them on a chairlift unless you’re too lazy to fit them in the first place.

The Zipper I’m quite happy with, perhaps a little bigger would have made it easier to pull it open and shut with gloves on, but in terms of the fluidity of the zip and its protection to prevent dirt, grit and grime getting into it, they’re well designed.

There were problems with their previous zippers breaking but they think they’ve got it fixed on these and I won’t argue it entirely – they feel a lot smoother than the Sniper gloves when I tried them; I guess I’ll only really be able to provide feedback on this after some use, so I plan to update this post in a few weeks after I put 7-14 days on them and see if anything changes.

Final Word

I know that so far I’ve said this is a pretty awesome piece of kit – so know that I have no association with POW and I paid in full for these myself. If you have any questions or something I should know, or would like any additional photo’s let me know and I’ll try my best to accommodate!

With 6 days on the gloves between New Zealand and Melbourne, safe to say these things roast you. I can bury my hands in snow and not feel a thing – definitely worth the money!

Benjamin Lloyd 2013. 


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