Australia’s First Mobile Lottery?

Good afternoon! I received the first real correspondence relating to a new, ethical and free mobile lottery service I’ve designed for Australia after months of waiting for lawyers and ministers to review the product.

The initial correspondence was both promising, but unhelpful at the same time.

App Lotto Australian Free Lottery Instant-win scratchie ticket


Because of the unique revenue sources and the fact there is no requirement from the participant to pay any financial fee/s at any stage, it essentially places this concept outside any regulation for gambling. Where it falls into the various gambling acts is  that the application can payout to the users a financial prize (or prize of financial value).

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Mercedes Benz A45 AMG

My new car, the Mercedes Benz A45 AMG! This won’t be a review on the A45 AMG, its not necessary – the car is great. You’d be stupid to think anything else I guess, but there is a distinct break-in, for the first 1-2,000km the engine is very tight and struggles to rev out, which the manual does say anyway, I just found it strange it was actually right, but once its broken in, the throttle gets very playful which is a lot of fun!

Possibly the most important part of it all is that it feels (and is) safer than my last car, which hopefully won’t end how that did. 

So for now it’ll just be images, if there’s any specific questions about the car feel free to ask, in modification terms, I’ll be re-tuning with a custom Willall Racing tune to switch between 98/100 pump fuel and 105 Elf Race fuel, with a custom TI Catback from TITAV in Germany and eventually a larger downpipe, but it seems to be taking a while to find a reputable manufacturer at this stage.

Also, thanks to Thomas Stutzbach for building an awesome engine!

In the mean time, enjoy the photos!

Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Acland Street Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Docklands Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Beach Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Melbourne  Dealership Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Black Spur Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Interior Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Interior Mercedes Benz A45 AMG Mercedes Benz A45 AMG

Benjamin Lloyd 2014. 

Peek’a’Boo – Profile & Discover

The Peek’a’Boo profile gives the owner a slew of features designed to help them connect with their surroundings.

Peek'a'Boo Profile Screen

We’re hoping this unique exposure type will allow people to leverage their location to develop friendships, contacts and discover more about where they are.

Some good news on the App progress – we’re submitting to the Application stores for Google Android and Apple iOS this Saturday and expect release within 7 days to public from then.

We’ve been getting the website sorted and, although its not complete, be our guest to drop by and take a look =) –

Below are the renders of each specific Discover feature and a brief on how they work.

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VW MKV GTI Pirelli Crash M1 Freeway

On Sept. 24. 2013, I was driving to see the Tibetan Mastiffs at the Melbourne Show and ended up being hit by a truck, then subsequently by another in excess of 80km/hr.

VW MKV GTI Pirelli Crash on the M1 Freeway @ Toorak Off-ramp Sept. 24. 2013

VW MKV GTI Pirelli Crash on the M1 Freeway @ Toorak Off-ramp Sept. 24. 2013

“All in all, shit day, didn’t get to see the TM’s and lost my beloved Pirelli GTI. But, that said, I couldn’t care less – everyone walked out alive and my awesome little car did what I know it would have wanted to… Kick some truck ass – and protect me.” I wrote this at the end of this post, and I put it here cause if nobody bothers to read any further, then at least you know my car had its own personality and its own soul. I love that car, and she is missed very much.

Channel 10 Coverage.

A few things in error but they reported the main thing – the truck hit me.

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Peek’a’Boo – Camera Interface Designs

Peek'a'Boo font selector

Peek’a’Boo font selector

Peek'a'Boo text colour select

Peek’a’Boo text colour select

Peek'a'Boo camera text overlay

Peek’a’Boo camera text overlay

Message screen - rotate timer to increase or decrease image time on screen before auto-deletion.

Message screen – rotate timer to increase or decrease image time on screen before auto-deletion.

Peek’a’Boo – Status Update 2

For previous Project Status report, click here.

Completed Tasks:

  •  Logo & Mascot
  •  GUIX Fully Designed
  • Webservices Fully Developed (Not implemented to a live server yet)
  • Login/Registration, Feed, Surprise, Notifications, Messages, Settings, Profile screens fully coded and functional for both iOS and Android

Issues encountered:

  • Initial Camera screen issues were not resolved, and have bloated to a 2 week delay in development. So much trouble has it caused that we have had to re-design the original concept due to its ongoing incompatibility with newly developed devices to go with a simpler, albeit less aesthetic revision – yet this does increase its functionality in terms of ease of use, so maybe it won’t be a bad thing.
  • Cannot acquire Skype or QQ API’s
  • Stretch – some devices stretch the text, barely noticeable, but it is there, and it’s annoying! This is being debugged but I haven’t heard the progress of the debug yet.
  • Not entirely an issue, but the advertising we had considered inserting into the application has been excluded entirely. So at this stage, the application will not in any way produce money or financial gain for itself which will detriment development initially unless/until/if it gains decent popularity/use. This decision was made for several factors, the most prevalent being that the advertising we would be forced to include is in my opinion too intrusive.

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